Enabling security teams to hunt for threats that evade today’s defenses.

Conventional defenses are ineffective against advanced cyber threats.

Consider the Numbers:

  • 205 Days

    median time threats spent in victim’s network undetected

  • 69 Percent

    of cyber breach victims notified of compromise by a 3rd party

  • 1 Month

    average time to investigate and resolve incidents

BluVector: Cyber Threat Hunting.

A high-speed, machine learning-based network appliance, helping security teams automate the hunt.

BluVector product image
  • Speed BluVector was built to handle the demands of 10 Gbps modern, high-speed networks. Sitting at a network TAP or SPAN, BluVector performs real-time analyses of content, to identify potential advanced threats in milliseconds that are undetectable by traditional tools. BluVector’s targeted logging and intelligence correlation capability, combined with on board investigative tools, provide context to expedite the cyber hunter’s mission. With BluVector, threats can be detected, investigated and triaged in minutes – not months.

  • Accuracy With a patented, DHS Safety Act designated, machine learning engine and support for 30+ file types, BluVector is able to identify zero-day and polymorphic malware more accurately than industry leading solutions. In addition, BluVector is able to “evolve” on premises, using a form of artificial intelligence, to further improve detection accuracy and reduce false positives, while creating a layer of moving defense against bad actors.

  • Integration BluVector was designed to interoperate with an organization’s existing security solutions, including Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools, threat intelligence data feeds, incident response toolsets and post analyzers (sandboxes) to orchestrate key processes and compress detection and investigation timelines. BluVector additionally supports automation of remediation processes, including block requests.

  • Download the Data Sheet: Cyber Threat Hunting & Machine Learning

Who We Are

Evolved Intelligence

BluVector, a product of Acuity Solutions Corporation, was developed over 5 years with defense contractor rigor and insistence on perfection. Since its launch in 2015, BluVector has been installed at Fortune® 1000 companies and governmental agencies.

Our vision: make it easy for security teams to detect advanced malware based threats at the network level with unprecedented speed and superior accuracy.

Automating the Hunt


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Sources: Ponemon Institute, "2014 Global Report on the Cost of Cyber Crime"; Damballa, "State of Infections Report – Q1 2014"

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